Yes! People really do win.


Who is Creative Zing and why are you contacting me?
Creative Zing serves as the promotion administrator on behalf of many well-known brands and Fortune 500 companies. The administrator is an independent 3rd party responsible for ensuring that both the brand (sponsor) and the potential winner have complied with the Official Rules and neither is perpetrating any fraud. The term “promotion” is generally used to refer to contests, sweepstakes, incentives, rewards programs and games.

I received a notification from Creative Zing. Why should I believe this is legit?
Contests and sweepstakes are governed by a complex set of laws and regulations, which are intended to protect the consumer. This isn’t a scam (yes, we’ve also heard about the scams). Still skeptical? Check out our rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Why are you requesting my Social Security Number?
There are two (2) possible reasons. We assure you, we understand the sensitivity and handle your personal information in accordance with best practices.
  • Prizes are deemed “miscellaneous income” by the IRS; each winner is responsible for paying the applicable federal, state and/or local taxes. If the prize value is $600 or more, Creative Zing or the promotion sponsor are legally obligated to issue an IRS Form 1099 to the winner for the actual value of the prize received. Learn more about miscellaneous income.
  • It’s not uncommon for a brand (sponsor) to require the winner to submit to a background check when the winner is going to receive “special access” to an event or be directly associated with a brand. If your prize includes a background check, this information will be clearly and conspicuously disclosed in your Prize Acceptance Forms.

The notification referred to me as a “potential winner”. What does that mean?
In order to confirm an entrant as the actual winner, we must confirm that he/she has met the eligibility criteria and complied with the Official Rules. A potential winner will be confirmed as the winner once the required Prize Acceptance Forms are received and we have confirmed your eligibility as required in the Official Rules.
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